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Coping and Tile Replacement.

There are many options when picking tile and coping. Flores Pools can customize your coping with a more modern look or a more traditional or organic look. Materials to go around the edge of the pool for the coping are; brick, slate, travertine, limestone and flagstones. Most of these coping materials will vary in shades, thicknesses and weight. Swimming pool tiling can give your pool a nice finishing touch. Enhance your hardscaping efforts. Go with a more soft earth tone or go all out and get a bright stunning color. Tiling can help protect the edge of your pool and is a great finish to a plaster job or coping job.

Equipment Repair and Replacement.

Flores Pools carries a wide range of quality swimming pool equipment to keep your backyard enjoyment going strong all summer long. So whether you need an upgrade to your current aging equipment or need to add a heater to prolong your swimming season, trust the pool experts at Flores Pools for the latest in swimming pool equipment.

Cover Installation.

Let the professionals at Flores Pools install your pool cover.

Valet Service (Pool Cleaning).

Flores Pools offers weekly, bi-weekly, and independent valet cleaning visits that includes brushing, skimming, and vacuuming the pool. Clean and empty the skimmer and pump baskets. Professionally testing water and balancing the pH, chlorine, and alkalinity as well as adding algaecide. We will backwash and/or clean the filter cartridges as needed and check the lights, heater, and the rest of the filter system and equipment to make sure every component is functioning properly.

Pool Openings and Closings.

Whether you are looking to get ready to winterize your pool or preparing it for those hot summer days, Flores Pools will get the job done right. From removing the cover, cleaning, and starting up the pool to properly cleaning the pumps, filter, and heaters for the several months while the pool is closed.

Providing Services To:
Before Valet
After Valet
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