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Pool Finishes

Quality Pool Finishes

Looking to get your pool re-plastered or have a new pool that needs to be plastered? Choose from a diverse collection of high quality plaster finishes. Take advantage of our 10 year warranty from SGM, Diamond Brite, Durazzo and River Rok. Each product has many colors to choose from.

Diamond Brite Exposed Aggregate Pool Finish

Diamond Brite combines natural quartz aggregates and polymer modified cement in a stunning variety of colors. The result is a unique finish that stands up to the harshest pool environments while providing years of enjoyment. Unlike traditional marble-based pool plasters, Diamond Brite is made with natural quartz, one of nature’s hardest and purest minerals. Diamond Brite does not contain aggregates that can be easily dissolved by pool chemicals causing unsightly etching and rapid deterioration. Diamond Brite’s quartz aggregate is unaffected by the harshest pool chemicals and resists permanent staining. also, Diamond Brite’s accent colors won’t rust, rub off or fade like other colored aggregates because our coating technology produces a tough, permanently bonded aggregate.

Advantages of Diamond Brite

Diamond Brite Finishes are blends of selected quartz aggregates and fortified white portland cement ideal for new or re-finished swimming pools. Available in a variety of colors and textures. Diamond Brite finishes are factory blended to provide the pool owner with an extremely durable and attractive alternative to traditional pool coatings.

Diamond Brite Samples
  • Consistency

  • Durability

  • 10 year warranty

  • Etch resistant

  • Stain resistant

  • Improved bonding

  • Reduced water penetration

  • Increased hardness

  • Smooth non-skin surface

Comfort, Safety, Security

You’ll have an added sense of security knowing that your pool is comfortable and slip-resistant. Because Diamond Brite is made from quartz aggregates that are smaller then pebble surfaces, the surface is comfortable to bather’s feet. And in this age of safety consciousness, Diamond Brite is the ideal surface where wet, slippery conditions are a concern.

Diamond Brite WaterColor Samples
Hydrazzo Polished Marble Pool Finish

Make your pool a works of art with Hydrazzo’s luxurious marble pool finish! The most beautiful pools in the world are surfaced with the hand-polished magic of Hydrazzo.

Time-Proved Natural Ingredients

Hydrazzo is the smoothest, richest and most luxurious surface available, formulated from time-proven technology and the Earth’s finest raw materials. Hydrazzo combines naturally beautiful coarse graded crystalline and colored marble, along with white Portland cement and a host of other performance-enhancing ingredients to create the ultimate pool coating.

Toughness… Without Roughness!

The secret to the Hydrazzo finish is the final step: polishing the surface to a brilliant luster, and thereby unlocking the marble’s natural beauty, and it’s extraordinary strength. The color is breathtaking, achieving a soothing, color-intensifying effect. Hydrazzo is the “smooth sensation” in exposed aggregate pool finishes, friendly to fingers, toes and swimsuits. A silky smooth texture combined with the proven durability of exposed aggregates are two prime features of the Hydrazzo finish. This equals timeless beauty and easy maintenance.

Hydrazzo features a silky smooth texture along with the proven durability of exposed aggregates to deliver unmatched natural elegance. With unique color selections and natural variegated appearance, Hydrazzo finish can complement all poolscape designs. This polished pool surface creates a finish that is naturally resistant to spot etching, topical stains, permanent scale and algae adhesion.

Hydrazzo Classic Color Samples

Hydrazzo has expended its rainbow of beautiful colors. Now choose from 14 luxurious colors to make a pool, spa or water-feature a work of art!

Hydrazzo Bella Color Samples
Krystalkrete, Exposed Aggregate Pool Finishes

Krystalkrete, Exposed Aggregate Pool Finishes are blends of enriched White Portland cement and special Quartz aggregates. Krystalkrete offers the pool builder an alternative to conventional pool finishes by using combinations of different quartz sizes and colors, as well as, a variety of pigments. Krystalkrete® is available in many attractive colors which allows the pool builder and homeowner limitless flexibility in tile and accessory selection. Although application and finishing techniques are not difficult to learn, Krystalkrete® is intended for use by professional applicators.

Benefits of Krystalkrete
  • Proven Durability

  • Extremely Etch Resistant

  • High Compressive Strength AquaGem Color Quartz

  • Traditionally or Spray

  • Applied Easy Maintenance

River Rok Natural Pebble Pool Finish

River Rok’s pre-selected pebbles are naturally tumbled for a smooth and comfortable finish. A computerized pre-blending process gives your pool interior the most consistent finish available today. The specially formulated cement and proprietary ingredients used in River Rok not only allows it to be applied in one day, saving on installation costs, but it results in River Rok being virtually the most durable pool finish available.

New Installations and Pool Renovations

Well suited for the private swimming pool, River Rok is also formulated to meet commercial quality standards. Simple maintenance and time-resistant features fulfill commercial as well as demanding residential applications.

Resurfacing existing pools can be accomplished elegantly with an array of River Rok hues. Highlighting your pool with premium, dynamic surfaces is the perfect solution for reinvigorating your existing swimming pool.

Variety of Colors and Finishes

River Rok also offers a premium collection of individual colors to suit the most demanding palates. Our collection of finishes will elevate your creative designs into memorable impressions. River Rok gives you a stunning alternative to traditional pool coatings by enhancing your pool’s original character or transforming it into a natural state.

River Rok Pool Plaster Finish Samples
StoneScapes Formulated Surface Systems

StoneScapes effortlessly brings together the perfect mix of beauty, durability, comfort and versatility. This formulated surface system combines science and nature to create an exceptional finish.

Natural Beauty: Create the serenity and gracefulness of a pebble-bottomed stream in your own backyard. StoneScapes’ inviting and appealing colors and textures combine for a naturally harmonious look.

Durability: Stronger than conventional pool surfaces and easier to maintain, StoneScapes resists etching staining and wear, and comes with a limited warranty.

Versatile: StoneScapes is an ideal finish for a new pool or spa, and can also be used to resurface existing ones. This excellent finish blends will with water features and virtually any backyard landscape design.

Comfort: The wonderful texture of StoneScapes is easy on feet and hands, and gives your pool a naturally textured finish.

Designing with StoneScapes

Unique, natural colors are created by the play of sunlight, shade, water color and finish color – an inherent quality of StoneScapes that gives it a beautiful charm. A gold pebble finish (Sand) will mix with the light blue of the water to create a marine green color. As the sun, shade and wind changes throughout the day, watch as perceptible shifts of color occur just as in nature.

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